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back now with more today on this thursday morning, 16th of september, 2010. we have so many nice folks outside tweeting and we will get a shot in there. got them? hope they have a great time and get sightseeing in before the rain comes in later today. pretty nice out there now. >> some nice people this morning. >> natalie morales alongside ann curry in studio 1a. matt had to leave a little early. >> good for him.
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and we have more about the video surveillance released about this family. you're looking at this connecticut woman forced to withdraw a lot of money before she was murdered, along with her two daughters who died in this home invasion. a very difficult case. the question has been raised, did police do enough to save this family? getting into that coming up and also coming up, we talk about vaccinations, that time of the year, the question is, what do we really need? we actually asked this question to our viewers online. do you have any questions about vaccination of your children? overwhelming response, a lot of people want to know how early they should be allowing their children to be vaccinated and how many shots they should be getting and dr. nancy snyderman will be coming up to tell us about that. and also a lot of people trying to sell a home these days. would you buy a home like this? it could be more fab.
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a little later, we'll show you the after pictures, how the homes were staged for a quick sale. we will have news on what won't cost you a lot up front but pay off when you go to sell the home. from runways to politicians, everyone wants in on new york's fashion week. we'll show you what you will be wearing next spring. >> you got to take a look. >> i got to take a look and went to a couple shows this week. it was a lot of fun. you have more on top stories. >> i do. history is being made where pope benedict is making his four day trip to the united kingdom. this marks the first time a british pope has been invited to an officially protestant citizen. it has kradrawn criticism from mostly protestant citizens and the handling of abuse charges on
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children. and president mahmoud ahmadinejad told andrea mitchell the fate of the remaining two hitchhikers in iran is up to that country's judicial system. the number of foreclosured homes jumped up in august, up 25% from a year ago and the highest since the mortgage crisis began. the deadly home invasion case we were talking about in connecticut, the 911 tapes are raising questions whether police could have done more to save the victims. jeff has more on this. good morning. >> hi. good morning to you. the tapes tell the story. new questions why police didn't rush in to save the petit family. officers were on scene, but stayed outside. meanwhile, the petits were being tortured and later killed inside. >> reporter: in this newly released surveillance video, a clear picture, the final picture of jennifer hawke-petit, less than an hour before her death. prosecutors say petit was at a local bank withdrawing $15,000
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and calmly told the bank teller her entire family was being held hostage at home. she needed the money for ransom. at 9:21 a.m., with jennifer still in the bank, the manager made a chilling call to 911. >> we have a lady who is in our bank right now, who says that her husband and children are being held at their house. if the police are told, they will kill the children and the husband. she says they are being very nice. they have their faces covered. she is petrified. >> reporter: with good reason. prosecutors say these two men, steven hayes and joshua komisarjevsky were terrorizing the family, beating dr. petit with a baseball bat and tying him to this pole in the basement. his two daubters were tied to their beds upstairs, all tortured overnight until the sun came up and the bank opened up. >> they're tied up, she said. she's taking $15,000 out of her
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credit line. they told her they wouldn't hurt anybody if she got back there with the money. she believes them. i think she's walking out now. >> reporter: officers were dispatched to the house but according to police logs were told by their captains not to approach the house and stay back until they could set up a safe perimeter. 30 minutes after that first 911 call, still no ambulances, or fire trucks or emergency teams who could move in. by now, jennifer was back home with the money, her family and the attackers. >> this was a small police department, they very quickly got over their heads. they fell back on their training, but in this particular situation, the training wasn't adequate. in the time it took, lives were lost. >> reporter: william petit could hear his family being tortured upstairs. i heard the moaning and the thumbs, he testified. somehow, bleeding from his head, he managed to escape, his feet still bound, petit hopped out of the house and made it to a
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neighbor's home for help. minutes later, a fireball, prosecutors say the suspects raped and strangled jennifer petit and burned the house down. the mother and her two daughters were all killed. in court wednesday, it got ugly, steven hayes defense lawyer, who by the way admits his client committed the crime, pointed the finger at police, snapping at a police captain on the stand, not excusing what happened, the fact was you were too late, correct? the captain replied, if we had any indication of violence, i would have been the first one through the door. it got so emotional in court wednesday, ann, the photo evidence was so gruesome the petit family broke down in tears and the judge had to send everyone home early because the jury was sobbing. >> jeff rossen, thank you. also a state of emergency in california, where a raging wildfire has burned more than
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6,000 acres. meanwhile, governor arnold schwarzenegger toured the homes devastated in san bruno by last week's gas explosion. take a look at this. nasa is testing its next generation of space rovers in the arizona desert. the rugged terrain provides good practice for future missions to mars, the moon or even asteroid. they have a dump truck there. you're up to date. it's now 7 past the hour. let's get a check on the weather. stephanie abrams is in for al. >> you are celebrating your birthday tuesday, right? first time in new york, what's your favorite thing? you said the jets game. you're a charger's fan. i can't figure this out. >> we want the jets to get in the playoffs and we have payback, i guess. >> there you go. watch out. you're in new york. plenty of people here. >> just kidding. very friendly people here. let's look at the weather and we will talk about the traffic.
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this is igor still swirling in the atlantic, headed towards the >> we are expecting a mixed bag of weather today, a 30% chance of some showers or storms. ahead of that i ann, over to you. >> today's "daily dose" is brought to you by yoplait, it's so good! >> stephanie, thank you so much. this morning on today's "daily
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dose," vaccinations 101. immunations are not just for infants, they are certain shots all members of the family should be getting and the question is when? here to answer your questions is nbc's chief medical editor, dr. nancy snyderman. good morning to you. you are a pro-opponent of this? >> i am. i think this is the greatest break through perhaps in science history and for sure our lifetime. we have saved millions of lives in this country and around the globe. immunizations matter. the idea you could give a shot to prevent a disease that could kill you is extraordinary. >> even though many of these diseases we're talking about are rare. >> they're rare because this has worked so well. look at this laundry list of diseases we can prevent. we don't talk about polio. smallpox has been eradicated, don't immunize for it anymore. these are preventable diseases a simple shot can take care of. part of the controversy around
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people pushing back, say, they're rare, why should diet? they' -- do it? they're rare because this has worked. if we don't immunize, the herd of human beings will have their deserves dropped and that can make us vulnerable. >> this topic touched a nerve. when we put it out online, we asked our viewers, questions about it. we got a response, anonymous e-mail. babies seem to get a lot of shots in their first month of life, often multiple shots in one visit. is it okay for babies to have so many shots at once? >> the answer is yes. let me take you back to utero, to when they get their first shot. they are swimming around in amniotic fluid in the mommy's tummy and it is sterile. from the moment they pop out into the world, that child is colonized with trillions of
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bacteria and viruss that says to the immune system, wake up, you're here, which means start making anti-bodies to the bad stuff out there. now to the first shot, two months later, there are a multitude of shots and more than ever because we now can prevent diseases. when a mom or a dad looks at that vial and that little shot, remember, the amount of medicine is just a small traction. the rest is water or saltwater, the delivery mechanism to get the rest of the medicine in the body. it sounds like a lot. compared to what a baby is fighting off with toys on the floor and things put in the mouth and bacteria all around, it is minuscule. >> some people would like to have them spread over longer periods of time or started a little bit late. what do you think about it? >> i don't like it and here's why. i don't care if you're an md or phd or think you're smarter than everybody on earth. here's the downside. it's harder to kype traeep trac
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stuff, easy to let the next shot fall through the system. the doctors who set this up know this is when these children are most vulnerable to these illnesses and when they can make ant anti-bodies. there is no scientific proof spacing them out is better, but more likely to miss a dose. >> darsy is joining us live from skype. what's your question. >> hi. i just found out the vaccine is available for girls and boys. i wanted to know if this is true and if boys should get the vaccine. >> it is cool. the hpv vaccine is to keep women from getting the human papilloma virus, linked to cancer, and certain strains worst than others. we now know this is a vaccine given to women in their preteens, 9 to early 20s. the idea is get the vaccine
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before you're sexually active and exposed to the viruss. it makes sense if a boy carries the virus and girl gets the virus, why are you just immunizing the girl? now we know it's safe to give both girls and boys. >> does the boy benefit? >> they do. you can get warts, you can get sexually transmitted warts from the human papilloma virus. >> it became controversial? >> it was seen as, then my child will be promiscuous. make no doubt about it, this is not a vaccine you give your child to say, now, it's okay to have sex. you give it to your child so when they are sexually active, you don't die because you had sexual activity, 9 to early 20s. once you had multiple sexual partners or late 20s to 30s, this is not an appropriate vaccine. >> we have another question from nicole from alabama, and she's on the phone. hello, nicole. what's your question? >> caller: [ inaudible ].
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>> i think we might have lost nicole's signal. we'll try to get her back on line. we have samantha in illinois. she's on the phone. let's see if we can talk to samantha. hey, samantha. >> caller: hi. >> what's your question? >> caller: good morning. my question is, i'm a 19-year-old teenager that works a full time job and goes to college. what shot do i need for this upcoming year? >> i love this question, samantha. first of all, congratulations ongoing to college. remember, it's like going into the army, you are going into the barracks. you are going to be near people who come right up to your face and transmit things. a couple things. now is the time to get your flu shot. i am a big pro-opponeponent get meningitis vaccine. get those two things. if you haven't had your hpv shot, get it and check your tetanus record. >> meningitis is rare but
9:15 am
devastating if you get it. >> it is rare but for the cost of a price of tennis shoes, your child can save a limb or his or her life. you're right. it is not as common as the other ones. i have seen the devastation on the back end. meningococcal meningitis is a preventable disease. >> coming up, how to save your home to get it sold fast. i will also show you how simple changes can lead to amazing before and afters. coming up next, what you will be seeing in the stores next spring, when we take you inside new york city's fashion show. its great. i eat anything that i want.
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give hope with every cup of activia. today is the last week of new york's fashion week, designers showing off their collection. and you had a front seat. good morning, lots of fun. >> good morning. when you go shopping in stores, you see what's in style right now but the fashion show sets the style for what's hot next season from clothes styles to makeup trends. >> reporter: each day, dozens of shows and hundreds of models, with a sneak peek of what will show up next season. >> a peek at what will be showing next spring. >> reporter: today's runway shows are tomorrow's friends. judging by these looks, spring is about simplicity. >> everything was about being
9:19 am
subtle. i wanted it to be fresh, didn't want it to be too aggressive and didn't want it to be too strong. >> reporter: soft looks are dominating the catwalk. >> ultra feminine is the relaxed, confidence. >> reporter: including lots of light, floey dresses, simple silhouettes and muted colors. ts >> white, cream and dusty rose. almost like early '90s, calvin klein, minimal aesthetics. you won't see the styles seen on the jersey shore cast. >> reporter: sorry, snooki, that means black is out. along with ultra 'froms trends we saw in spring 2010. >> it isn't just about the shows, these define the beauty looks next season including what you will be wearing on your face. >> reporter: charlotte willard,
9:20 am
a makeup artist from new york, primps and powders models for dozens of shows. when it comes to makeup, simple is also the style. >> to look glowy, natural, effortless. >> reporter: that doesn't mean you can't have fun with your face. the show has pops of color on eyes and lips and eyebrows are making a comeback. >> we're talking about the '80s? they can be big? >> but not as sharp. >> reporter: full but soft? >> right. >> reporter: thank god. >> next season, eve is in. ♪ >> it's about achieving prettiness with ease. we're all going to be able to get dressed in less than five minutes and we will love that. everybody wants to feel pretty and don't want to spend a lot of time or money to do it. >> reporter: pretty, simple, easy, trends that will make you
9:21 am
feel as good as you look. >> now, the shows haven't been completely devoid of color. a lot of designers work with red and hot pink and blue. but the style of the clothes was simple and clean. >> i liked that look. i saw it yesterday and tracy earlier. what's with the hair? you mentioned loose and flowy? >> yes. it is not just about clothes. but one hairstyler said we want it to look virginal, no product, a lot of ponytails and loose waves, hands off approach. >> i really like that. >> i hope it's easy to execute well. coming up, a surprise upset on "america's got talent" when mississippi michael grimm won the million dollar prize. we'll show you all the excitement, but first these messages. now the healing power of touch just got more powerful.
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coming up, the secret to getting your house off the market fast, how to stage it so you can sell it. seasonal cooking. >> first, your local news and weather. you know, fresh green beans lose half their vitamin c in a week. so, you can eat them right here... or eat green giant beans at home... ...frozen within 8 hours to lock in nutrients. up to you. [ green giant ] ho ho ho ♪ green giant. [ green giant ] ho ho ho dannon light & fit gives hope.
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my commute home to the eastern shore every night only takes an hour but that's more time than congress spends reading massive spending bills, it's crazy. that's why i wrote a law that requires 72 hours to read every bill. i read the big bills and i said no.
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no to the $3 trillion budget, no to the bank bailout, and no to the health care bill. at home you would never pay a bill without reading it neither should congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message because i'm proud to be ranked one of the most independent members of congress. >> live, local, late breaking, this is a wbal-tv 11 news news update. >> we are tracking on the doppler as a friend begins to approach -- which will probably see a slight chance for showers by this evening, and in the meantime, some clouds, were ahead of the front by mid-80s. ahead of the front by mid-80s. don't be afraid to go outside the lines guys. ♪
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[bus engine. ♪ounds of coughing and sniffling] my name is paul. i'm an american citizen from hastings, michigan. i'm a civilian truck driver for crestston, rawlings and thomas. i've been taken hostage somewhere in iraq. >> it's almost hard to recognize him. that is ryan reynolds in his new thriller. you probably recognize him. what you're seeing here is the proposal with sandra bullock, the comedy. he will be here tomorrow to share his latest news and talk about hs new movie that he's in. meanwhile, we have a new
9:31 am
finale, southern boy, michael grimm, when he won a million dollar and his own las vegas show on "america's got talent" last night. he looks pretty stunned there. i think a lot of people were stunned. he beat out young jackie evancho who captured the nation and the judge said she sings like an 80-year-old, and we will have highlights coming up in this half hour. >> they all will do just fine. they all have record deals and everything else. meanwhile, if you're trying to sell your house, think about staging before you post your house online. it doesn't have to cost you a bundle. with paint and drapes, we can show you amazing before and after pictures and how you can make simple changes to your home. later on today, in today's kitchen, if you love wandering
9:32 am
through the farmer's market, and if you aren't sure, how to use local fresh ingredients in your own cooking. >> the idea is about seasonal cooking, how to use foods in season, so you get them at their peak, which means they will taste the best and how to think that way. >> it's a healthier way to eat as well. >> i said, i will get some peaches or something and mike bettes said, those aren't in season. you can get anything now year-round, you know? >> er that. getting it off the farm. >> i'm with you. >> a local bor. >> i never heard that. >> you want to talk about the weather? >> i think i will. you want to do gardening outside, it will be chilly throughout portions of the northern tier and the heat is still on in the southern tier as we head to the afternoon hours. it is a front for severe weather that will make its way northeast
9:33 am
>> we will see a mix of clouds and some today, and a slight chance of some thunderstorms tonight, about a 30% chance -- a look at the ocean thank you. >> coming up next, who's the next superstar from "america's
9:34 am
got talent," right after this. ♪ [ female announcer ] the best way to tell how great you look is in your jeans. drop a jean size in two weeks with the special k challenge and enjoy a good source of fiber in many of your favorite special k products. ♪ jeans don't lie. go to to design your plan.
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now to a big upset in the hollywood world of talent competition. she's been called a singing phenomenon, 10-year-old jackie evancho explode onto the stage of the hit show, "america's got talent." in the end, she didn't take away the prize. kristen has the story.
9:38 am
>> good morning. the one who won "america's got talent" was a singer named michael grimm. he was shocked to learn he had beaten jackiev evancho. when you're 10 years old, second place is pretty good. >> reporter: from the moment she opened her mouth and this seasoned soprano voice came out, jackie evancho stole the show and a lot of hearts on nbc's "america's got talent." she was the one to beat. >> i've never seen a vocal performance like that on this show. >> reporter: once america weighed in with phonin votee in a new star was made. >> michael grimm! >> reporter: he was from mississippi and his face said it all. >> i had no clue i would win.
9:39 am
i thought jackie was going to win. when i got up there, i was blessed to have made it as far as i made it. >> reporter: but grimm gave an unforgettable final performance. >> michael grimm had the best performance being in the building and seeing the reaction and seeing people go to crazy for his performance. >> reporter: judge sharon osbourne said her husband, ozzie recognized his talent from the beginning and bet her $10 he would make it. >> i texted him. >> reporter: grimm's take home will be a lot bigger, a million bucks and headline show in las vegas. some speculated the idea of a vegas show may have cost evancho votes. >> maybe america was creeped out by the idea of a 10-year-old having an act in vegas, and they're like, we can't allow this to happen. ♪ >> reporter: susan boyle was once favored to win "britain's
9:40 am
got talent," but she also came in second place. judge piers morgan reminded evancho of that. >> i said her to afterwards, susan boyle came in second and sold 10 million albums, don't worry, this is not a defeat. >> reporter: the 10-year-old said she's not worried either, happy for grimm and ready to go home in pittsburgh. >> i can't wait to hold my duckies and everything. >> reporter: proving evancho is just a kid with a very adult victory, second place. >> grimm said he wanted to win so he could buy a new hawes few his grandparents. they raised him and were misplaced by hurricane katrina. >> sounds like the voters made the right choice. i don't even know who beat susan boyle. do you? >> no. they are both winners. coming up next, from for sale to sold, we will show you how to stage your home to make
9:41 am
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and lift away the toughest stains. trust resolve. forget stains. dannon light & fit gives hope. we are sisters, daughters, wives, mothers. and together, we can help fight breast cancer. go online, enter the code from your light & fit lid, and we'll make a 10 cent donation. give hope with every cup of light & fit. this morning on today's real estate, with staging to sell, with so many homes on the market, how do you catch the eye of picky potential buyers. the host of real estate intervention, my new addiction. good morning, i love your show. i really cannot get enough of
9:45 am
it. >> thank you. >> how important is it really when it comes to staging a house for sale? we see the segments when you put the homes online to sell, that's really what's drawing the people into your house. >> most people look first on the internet and see what they like and make an appointment to come in. if you don't get them right then -- you have to have the hook. >> let's show viewers right now some amazing before and afters you worked on. first, let's show the living room in a house, it has a big fireplace, a big selling feature to a home except not in this case. why not? >> it was completely dirty and the way i fixed it, it was foaming bathroom cleaner. foaming bathroom cleaner takes out all the soot from a fireplace. >> you got rid of all the clutter. >> exactly. there's so many options, you put it at arm's reach, nice ones and for things you put away, there's so many options for storage bins. >> people want to feel like they
9:46 am
can move in the space, if your clutter is all in there, they won't feel like they can move in there. >> exactly. >> another thing you did was pictures and groupings to warm up the space. >> you don't want to have bare walls, you want neutral art, nothing political or personal. >> no family photos. >> no family photos, big no-no. >> no picture of that guy in your mirror. that guy, tommy. >> tommy. definitely, no pictures of tommy. you want to keep no tommy, nothing political or personal. >> mirrors are great. >> it saves on the painting of the walls. >> that's right. you want to make sure they're neutral. >> we move on to a bedroom. here's a dark bedroom, covering up even more, not getting a lot of light in there. tell me what you did with that bedroom? >> i twitched up the linens, a second easy fix. people underestimate switching out the bed linens alone, makes
9:47 am
a big difference. this is rachel ashweld, shabby characteristic. from target. >> bed in a bag. >> easy. >> the curtains were like keeping all the light out of that room. what did you do? >> when it comes to curtains, i want them to hit the floor and they can puddle about 2 inches and hang them as high as possible. >> make the room look bigger? >> exactly. >> that will save you a lot. these are inexpensive curtains as well. >> you can get panels for like $10. >> keep it simple? >> exactly. keep it simple, it will be easier on you and you can keep the stuf for your new house. >> this dining room right now, the color makes you want to blush, a little too bearing, over the top? >> over the top. >> the pepto-bismol pink. >> by painting, i kept the trims
9:48 am
and switched out the furniture. >> it has nice detail but -- >> the red was overbearing and went from drab architecture detail to wonderful. >> and you set the place there. >> i always set the table. >> why do you do that? >> it makes people think of entertaining. when you go to a model home, you always see the table set. i wouldn't do it in a kitchen, just a formal dining room. >> makes people think i want to sit down. >> and have a family gathering. >> actually, this is pretty cheap. >> i get a lot of my furniture on or online, second-hand stores. >> this whole setting is about $99. >> and, again, you get to keep this. >> change the furniture, makes it real cost effective as well. let's talk about living rooms and some of the before in this picture. this is not doing anything for the house. >> it was pretty bad. >> what did you do? >> that was beige on beige on
9:49 am
beige. >> you added color, added browns and other neutral tones, too. >> you can get a slipcover if you don't want to get a slipcover, keep that color and add accessories and toss pillows and make sure you have lamps. >> you can always hide behind the lamps. >> you should have three sources of light per room. >> don't forget the exterior space. >> it's the first impression of every house. trim from pottery barns and it always makes it different, the lanterns. >> sabrina, thank you so much. next up, seasonal things to feed your family. first, this is "today" from nbc.
9:50 am
9:51 am
cannes this morning in "today's kitchen," seasonal cooking made easy with the chef of the new
9:52 am
york hot spot, blt market. today he's making us something from his new cookbook, called fresh from the market, seasonal cooking. good morning. i got to say your name twice, which was really fun. you promote seasonal cooking. >> yes. >> what would you define seasonal cooking as? >> the four seasons, winter, spring and fall. >> you use the freshest things from that time, at their peak of freshness and flavor. >> not only the seasons but also by the month. seasonal month. >> the difficulty is with everything being flown in from everywhere else, it's difficult to know what's seasonal necessarily and what isn't? >> yes. also, the local products, local shrubbery, local blueberries. >> right, right. thinking about what is grown locally and what is at the farmer's market is a good clue. >> today, you're making
9:53 am
something called marcella's ocobuco, from the fall. >> from the fall. >> my mistake. beautiful cut of -- >> ocobuco. it is a cut of the veal from the back. you see a larger piece from the back leg and this is from the front leg. >> how do we get started? >> i will take marcella and start in 10 minutes. >> this is marcella wine. okay. i will take a sip of this. okay. then what? >> that's early. >> honey, it's never too late. it's always noon somewhere. you basically braise this? >> actually, i'm giving a bit of coloration on it, a little bit of olive oil. i will remove them. i will make the sauce, ready for the braising. >> put some red onions in there?
9:54 am
>> no. shallots. >> shallots, i'm sorry, i misidentified them. >> and some garlic and thyme and bay leaf. i will cook it a little bit until it's entrenched. >> that is beautiful, smells amazing as well. then what do we add? >> i will have the cognac. >> what does it add to the flavor? i know it adds a wonderful aroma. >> sweetness. you will find the flavor not too strong. here, i will have marcella wine. >> marcella, more marcella. life is better with marcella. and marinated raisins. and now we have grapes. >> we have grapes at the end. >> this is natalie. what are you adding there? >> i will put stock, veal stock
9:55 am
and chicken stock. >> okay. you can buy those probably in the can, forever you have to, if you don't want to spend the time making them. we only have a little bit of time left. >> i will put it back. >> beautiful. how long do you cook this? >> about an hour and a half, two hour, depends on the size of the piece. >> do you put that in immediately or afterwards, the grapes? >> at the end. >> we have to quickly go to the end and see what this looks like. there you are. the book is called "fresh from the market." the book is called "fresh from the market." we're back right after e my commute home to the eastern shore every night only takes an hour but that's more time than congress spends reading massive spending bills, it's crazy. that's why i wrote a law that requires 72 hours to read every bill. i read the big bills and i said no.
9:56 am
no to the $3 trillion budget, no to the bank bailout, and no to the health care bill. at home you would never pay a bill without reading it neither should congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message because i'm proud to be ranked one of the most independent members of congress.
9:57 am
>> live, local, late breaking, this is a wbal-tv 11 news update.
9:58 am
>> good morning. we will see an increase in clubs today. it will be warmer ahead of a cold front. the friend could generate a thunderstorm by later this evening into tonight. -- the front could. tomorrow looks windy, a high of tomorrow looks windy, a high of 80 -- and
9:59 am

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